Periodically, Pastor Josh will use the sermon on a Sunday morning to teach us about a book of the Bible.  This occasional series is called “Downloading the Bible.”

In the world of today there is information constantly in front of us.  We move from one information source to another.  Radio programs are now podcasts. Books are now Kindles.  We move in between screens, from televisions to smart phones to laptops to tablets.  Every new bit of technology offers a new way to read God’s Word as well. But with all this access do we know and understand any more about it?  Have we really downloaded what God is telling us?  We have a great deal of access but we have little understanding.  And with that little understanding, does any of it apply directly to our lives?  At PFC throughout this year we will spend time exploring the Bible’s core themes.  These messages will pop up every now and then and they will be designed to take even the most ancient Scriptures and show their relevance for every-day life. Join us as we download the Bible.

Downloading Genesis (1/6/13)

Downloading Exodus (1/27/13)

Downloading Deuteronomy (4/21/13)

Downloading Hosea (5/26/13)

Downloading Habakkuk (6/2/13)

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