The T-Shirts Are Coming!

The last time PFC offered t-shirts for sale was 2008.  As some of those have worn out, (or become “outgrown”), we’re again offering a selection of shirts with the PFC tree logo. Scheduled for delivery in early-August, there are two styles of shirt available.  One is more of a fitted shirt and one is a

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The Rewards are Many

From Betty Hollen, (Monday, June 24): My day started out a little trying, but an amazing, wonderful, first-time-in-my-life, beautiful sight at the PFC Community Garden just made all things fine again.  Right before Jim and I were leaving to go to the garden it started to drizzle just a little bit.  I said, “We’ll just

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Fruit of the Spirit Sermon Series

You know the old phrase, “There are two types of people in this world.”  Really?  With all the diversity on our planet, there are only two kinds of people?  At the same time aren’t we all pretty much the same?  What about that other old phrase: “People are people”? The scriptures indicate that people are people:

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Worship Sunday Kid Videos

Worship Sunday 2013 included three PFC Kid videos on Gestures of Worship.  Portions were shown during both worship services.  View the full videos below, (or if you are receiving this blog post by email and the videos are not attached, go to YouTube and search for “PFC Worship Sunday”). PFC 2013 Worship Sunday – Gestures

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Yard Sale a Success

The 2013 Coventry Glen/PFC Yard Sale was a success with almost 30 families having items for sale.  Most families went home with far fewer things than they brought!  Special thanks goes to Tricia Reedy Jones, Alicia Kingston, and Barb McInnis-Hayman for coordinating this year’s sale.  Thank you also to the Women’s Fellowship & Ministries for

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Yard Sale!

Don’t forget about the Coventry Glen/PFC Yard Sale tomorrow, Saturday, June 15 from 7:00 a.m until 1:00 p.m.  Almost 30 families have spaces reserved, so there will be something for everyone!

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Did you know?… Parker Ford Church recycles printer ink cartridges through Staples. The store credit the church receives is used to offset the purchase of basic office supplies. Place your used cartridges in the basket outside the church office and the secretary will see that they get recycled.  Thank you!

PFC’s Prayer Chain

Did you know… …that PFC operates a prayer chain to communicate when prayer is needed for individuals or situations?  Requests are disseminated by email or by telephone, as needed.  If you’d like to be a part of praying in this way, sign up with the following individuals: Betty Hollen (610-323-4013),  or Jen Doering (484-363-0213).  You can also sign up

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