Orphan Sunday was observed on November 3.  Coordinated by PFCer Jen Wenger, the worship services highlighted the challenges of orphans in our world today.  Special offerings collected on Orphan Sunday were used to purchase items for the Cloud Home in Pottsville, PA.  The following thank you is from Jen and Chris Wenger.

Dear Parker Ford Congregation,

imageThank you so much for your generous giving on Orphan Sunday to benefit the Cloud Home for boys in Pottsville, PA.  Your giving was “pressed down and overflowing*” and we were able to provide an abundance of generosity.  We visited the Cloud Home a few days before Christmas to deliver the gifts that were purchased by your giving.  We were able to supply new backpacks, a ton of creative art supplies, shower products, sneakers, socks, hats, and gift cards for groceries and clothes that will last a good part of the new year!

DSCN3162Two teenage boys were at the Cloud Home when we visited.  We talked with them about things they could relate to, like loss, anger, relationships, their favorite school subjects, hobbies and sports.  They really just want to be loved; to have someone tell them they are proud of them and that they matter.  The boys wanted to open their gifts in front of us.  The staff and the boys were so grateful and happy to receive them.  One of the boys disappeared shortly after all the gifts were opened and a staff member told us, “He went upstairs to try on his new sneakers and he is now running up and down the halls in them.”  The other boy said “I’ve always been really bad at drawing, but now with this stuff, I really want to practice and get good at it.”

They were so grateful for the gifts because they have so little.  Their rooms are mostly bare.  They have a few personal items and some sports magazine clippings on their bedroom walls, but not much else.  The house itself is big, yet worn, and in need of various repairs.  There are rooms that are damaged from boys who have no way to express their anger and frustration except on their bedroom wall.  But there is also love.  The staff members who work there are seriously underpaid, but serve selflessly to take care of troubled orphan boys and teach them how to rise above their past.  We also left the staff with a book by Max Lucado called “A Love Worth Giving” and some of the C.S. Lewis chronicles for the boys.

Thank you for planting seeds with us, and for your generous giving in Jesus’ name, on behalf of the orphan.  Five new boys are coming to live at the Cloud Home this month.  They will also benefit greatly from your giving.  God Bless you, PFC!

Jen and Chris Wenger

*Luke 6:38 (ESV) –“…give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

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