I remember my first time driving a car without any passengers. Just me, the road and the radio. At one point I was driving past a Burger King and thought: “You know what, I could just stop and grab a burger if I want. I don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks of that.”  So, I did. Man was I cool…I may have just as well been a falcon soaring at high altitude. I was free! Do I still feel that free every time I drive a car?  Ask me that when I’m stuck on the Schuylkill at rush hour.  I may not always feel quite as excited and grateful as that first day driving solo, but I definitely feel the restriction on my life when the car is in the shop.

I also remember what I experienced when I first came to Christ and understood and accepted His grace and forgiveness in my life. That was freedom on an entirely different level. That was the freedom that comes from experiencing true and unconditional love from the one who matters most. That was breaking free from myself, from the deceptions of self-focus and self-reliance. It was freedom to flow in love and worship. Are you experiencing that sort of freedom today? In the next few weeks we are going to look at the letter to the Galatians together. It will remind us about the heart of the Gospel and it will call us to Get Free, Stay Free… Really Free.

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