Life is full of stages from the first moment a child lets go of the coffee table and teeters forward without the assistance of mom or Dad to the moment we walk from this life into the next. At times, we want to avoid the next moment and other times we want to rush it, but one way or another it is coming and our awareness, courage and preparation are all important factors in how we will move into it. We can easily become sidetracked or take strange roads. This is as true in our journey with God as it is in a child growing into an adult or a relationship budding into a family. But others have walked this road before us and it’s important to learn from them. In the life of Abraham and his family we see an incredible example of the path of faith, along with the misplaced footmarks. Join us as we look at his life and ours. We have been set on a journey and the everlasting arms of God call us forward. What is the next step for you?

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