Proposed New Deacons – As announced on July 30, new deacons have been proposed to serve PFC.  They are Ryan and Kristin Moyer, Tricia Reedy-Jones, Dave and Doris Smith, Deb Swist, Ron and Sharon Wisler, and Damien Volonnino. A brief congregational meeting will be held this Sunday, October 1 to affirm these individuals. Everyone is asked to spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction in their affirmation. If there are any reservations or objections to having any of the proposed deacons serve in this capacity, you are asked to contact an elder PRIOR to October 1. For more information about deacons and deaconing, a handout with excerpts from Dave Willauer’s message, “The Office of Deacon,” is available – please see on the link below.

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