The following blog post is authored by Shelli Witt, PFC Member

Drawing by Shelli Witt

This past season has been one of exploration and adventure. As I’ve tested my borders and explored past my comfort zone, I’ve found the Familiar in unfamiliar places. Space has been just one of the images that reminds me of God’s infinite goodness and our relentless, endless journey into it. As if the earth were not enough to explore, space holds the promise of endless discovery. Though the layers of atmosphere, planets, galaxies, and the silent spaces in between are intimidating, wonder draws us deeper and farther into the depths of space. In the same way, levels upon levels of God‘s goodness await our discovery, dark in its vastness. The more we travel beyond our comfort zones, the more awaits just beyond it. The further we journey up and in, the more we rediscover what is within us, intimacy with the Father.

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