Sunday, June 29th News!

  Between debts, anxieties, hurried schedules, broken relationships, illnesses, religious baggage, addictive behavior,s and unfulfilled dreams, our lives can leave us wondering if there is a better way and we just somehow missed the boat. The easy response is to give up, get depressed, and grab what we can. The tougher response is to get

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Indonesia Trip – Home at Last!

The team safely arrived home Monday evening and all their families were able to meet them at the Philadelphia Airport to pick them up.  Please continue to pray for each member of the team this week as they adjust to PA time.  Thank you for your support!

Indonesia Trip – Coming to a close…

The team enjoyed a fun dinner out before the final day.

Indonesia Trip ~ VSB Week

The team has been working hard in Indonesia.  Here are some pictures from their time leading VBS for the MAF Missionary Kids. Nate Fisher, Mike Wisler and Boyd Curry have been working together to lead the elementary age kids during this past week.  Carol Doering and Cheyanne Seber have been the dynamic duo working with

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Indonesia Trip Day 9

(This blog post was written in-part by Beth College via text.) The ice cream man makes a stop at the College’s house! Leaving Tarakan and heading to the big city of Balikpapan on Sunday. Public transport, Balikpapan (BPN) Riding on public transportation in Balikpapan. The team that left Saturday {Boyd, Payton, Nate & Jay} all

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Indonesia Trip Days 7 & 8

(The following blog post was sent via text by Tim Doering & Mike Wisler.) Tim & Cheyanne hanging out at MAP prior to leaving for the village of Binuang for an overnight stay.   No…these handsome boys are not our pilots, but they like to pretend! Here we go!! Up, up, and away…to the jungle!

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Indonesia Trip Days 5 & 6

(Blog post written via text by team member, Mike Wisler.) Tim and Paul prepare to depart for a day of flying around interior Indonesia.  Their mission today was to deliver supplies to villages.   MAF workers load another plane with supplies.   Some beautiful, untouched landscapes of interior Indonesia. A stunning picture of how quickly

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Indonesia Trip Days 3 & 4

The team has arrived! Arriving Wednesday in Tarakan, Indonesia, the team was able to meet up with the College family. Prior to arriving in Tarakan, the team had had a short respite in Singapore, with just enough time to get some sleep and some sight-seeing in before making the flight to Balikpapan, Indonesia. And after grabbing some

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Indonesia Trip Days 1 & 2

 On Sunday, March 16th Carol Doering, Tim Doering, Mike Wisler & Cheyanne Seber all headed to JFK to catch their flight to Indonesia.  The team was filled with both excitement and heavy hearts as they said goodbye to loved ones in the foyer of PFC and headed off to be with the missionaries we love

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